A new year and a new today

January 12, 2011

Starting a new year was easy enough. Although I had been out late the night before with my sister and her husband, my inner clock went off as usual at 5 am; I lay thinking, wondering, and praying about how the day would unfold itself. I had not yet made any new years’ resolutions and so I continued to enjoy the freedom of feeling no commitments.

As the new year began, I realized however that what I couldn’t get away from was that little voice inside me—the voice of direction. I think the voice sounds different for everyone. For me, it sounds like my 5-year old niece, Lenzie with her slight Virginian drawl. I can hear her saying, “Today, I went to granny’s house.” Her emphasis always being on the word “Today.” Today, today, today… My sense of freedom ebbed.

Now, two weeks into a new year, my Lenzie-voice is saying, “Today, I am making a new resolution.” My 2011 resolution is to proceed with life with a longer stride and larger embrace to advance the skills learned and gifts that I’ve been given. For example, as an artist and writer, I’ve decided to continue my blogging but in a new direction both for my craft making and my writing.

I hope you enjoy adventure because I believe that today offers the beginnings of an exciting journey. As a visual artist and writer, I am inviting you to journey with me in living life through image-making and anything else that comes across my desk—Mary L. Buck’s style!

Wishing you a happy today,


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One response to “A new year and a new today

  1. Your Seester

    loved the post; I look forward to following your adventure…be sure to post in FB whenever you put a new post…

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