Imagination Worksheet

windThinking back over the years, I recognize that I am a woman of established habits. One of which is that I start every project with a worksheet outlining the project’s purpose and guiding principle. I realize that I am metamorphosing but some habits are hard to let go!

So when the idea came to me to create a character– Mamanoes (pronounced Ma-ma-knows) I reached for a worksheet to capture the thoughts with pen and paper. In my imagination, her purpose is to read fables from around the world which promote family values. I wonder: What does Mamanoes look like? What does her voice sound like? What type of character is she?

I completed the worksheet for Mamanoes Famous Fables; it took about 20 minutes; I expect that there will be changes. My worksheet looks like this:

Working title

Mamanoes’ Famous Fables

Due date



Create audio files of stories or famous fables with family values for target audience.


1 – 3 minutes audio MP3 recording

Target audience

Parents and caretakers with young children.

Resources required

Laptop, recording software, microphone, Internet access, text of famous fables.

Guiding principle

Select and record stories in line with godly teaching of Proverbs 22:6 “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”

Produced and prepared by:

The Children’s Storytelling and Family Literacy Corporation, a 501c3 nonprofit for public benefit

Outreach of The Sustainable American Family Literacy Program ©2013

I plan to play with some paper cutouts and piece the image of Mamanoes together on Monday. Let me know if any constructive thoughts, encouragements, or suggestions come to you. Will keep you posted.

Living life in 2013,

Mary Buck, PhD
Executive Director, Children’s Storytelling & Family Literacy Corp
The Sustainable American Family Program
–Stories which shape the heart for life–


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One response to “Imagination Worksheet

  1. MP

    I think Mamanoes has the world’s most comfortable rocker that she uses when she is ruminating life’s most perplexing problems; she also has a sweet lilting laugh that comes all the way from the very bottom of her toes and twinkles in her eyes; she is everyone’s gramma who can quote book, chapter and verse for the appropriate life crisis…

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