The Making of Mamanoes

First, I want to thank my big sis for her great comments about Mamanoes’ character developnment:

“I think Mamanoes has the world’s most comfortable rocker … a sweet lilting laugh (and) … is everyone’s gramma who can quote book, chapter and verse for the appropriate life crisis…”

Just to let you know, I’ll do my best to weave these recommendations into her character. But for Day 3, the only think I can report is: If it’s not one thing, it’s another!

It started with a systems crash, frozen Internet, and lost software. But since my mid-30’s and college training, I’ve become the kind of person that doesn’t give up easily! So, here it is 5:30pm EST and I’m thinking–count it all good; live to fight another day; turn on the tv!

Living life in 2013,

Mary Buck, PhD
Executive Director, Children’s Storytelling & Family Literacy Corp
The Sustainable American Family Program
–Stories which shape the heart for life–


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