A Good Report

GoodReportWe all have our days; some better than others. And from a productivity perspective, mine tipped the scale just to the positive right side.

The tipping actually started with posting my last blog “Creating Space” and establishing my work area. Getting my stuff in order always gives me a sense of accomplishment. Honestly, though, this doesn’t work for everyone. A very close artist friend once told me that my clean work area scared him. My new work space would probably have him shivering in his boots!

Fortunately, my orderly space and rough paper cutout of Mamanoes was followed by a spark of oomph this morning. I decided to move ahead one big step and do a trial soundtrack at the recording studio. It went well and I just sent off a sample to some tried and true reviewers. I look forward to their remarks on how to improve future Mamanoes Famous Fables recordings in both technically and insightful ways.

It’s been a week, so here’s an up-to-minute report on the Mamanoes Famous Fables project:
1. The hardware/software snags have been ironed out. I just received and installed the Serif DrawPlus x5. The price was right ($20) and it more than satisfies the need for any vector drawing requirements both for this and future projects. It also has animation capability (possibly animating Mamanoes eyes and brows for MP4?…but that’s another project altogether).

2. A fresh icon was created to act as the logo for StorytimeUSA blog talk radio broadcast. It communicates the new emphasis of the show—fables for family values. Installation should happen early next week.

On a side note, I created the (free) BlogTalk account some time ago on the encouragement of a friend—Althea Williams. She’s probably forgotten all about it but she felt so strongly at the time that I went ahead and followed through on her suggestion. Oddly, the blog radio site didn’t dump me despite the lack of activity of over three years!

3. A two minute sample recording was completed today and sent out for review. I should get the responses back in about a week and will keep you posted.

In the meantime, I’ll finish up on the corresponding online course: Stories of Value. The class provides insights into the how’s, what’s, and why’s stories read to us as children shape the values we carry with us through life. It’s a must have for all parents and anyone with charge over young children. Here’s to a good day!

Living life in 2013,
Mary Buck, PhD
Executive Director, Children’s Storytelling & Family Literacy Corp
The Sustainable American Family Program
–Stories which shape the heart for life-


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