A New Year and A New Work

GoodReportSo here I am in February looking at an old January to-do list. The list contains several simple action items (enter this; file that…) but the checkbox next to them remains glaringly empty. And so my inner To-Do-List Manager screamed: “Let’s do something about that!” And, with great resolve, I set out to overcome whatever was holding me back from completing my stated goals.

As I turned the pages backwards in my notebook, I discovered a pattern. Most of my January entries revealed that the month was spent in investigating new styles of artwork and trying it out with my own personal spin. My successes were well documented.

I also entered quite a few notes on a “free life” obtainable only through godly service and charitable acts versus a life totally consumed with self and self-interest. My journal says that I prefer the free life.

Another journal entry revealed, however, the reason for the unfinished to-do-list. This entry was a challenge to create a series of YouTubes focused on family values. The challenge came in response to a recent news report of terrorist activity in a nearby county. The unexpected attack resulted in the deaths and hospitalization of many.

The incident left me sad, angry, and with dreams of ants. According to some dream analysts, ant dreams often act a metaphor for a deeper and larger infuriating problem. My journal notes also indicated that my problem was a deepening concern for our children’s safety and peace. The concern grew with each additional news report.

As a communication expert, I know the power of the spoken word. Words change things—for better or worse. I was determined to use my words to address, in a positive way, the problem of fear, children’s safety, and family values.

This was an important to-do list. Whatever was holding me back is gone; and I am very grateful. Here are the links to the YouTubes that have been developed so far; I suspect there will be more.

The videos focus on strengthening family values such as common sense, joy, wisdom, and determination as a response to fear and anxiety. As always, positive critique, suggestions, and comments are welcome! I would especially appreciate your stories of how you are preparing and training your children to face the growing threats of terrorism in your community.


Establishing family values begins with an end goal in mind. Watch this video as we explore 16-year old gold medalist Gabby Douglas as she faces her greatest enemy–discouragement.



In the face of violent crimes and acts of terror, many families are left devastated. This 3-minute video discusses how to deal with fear effectively. It provides parents an insight into a core family value which overcomes anxiety, depression, and fear.


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