Mary Buck received her PhD from Regent University the School of Communication and the Arts.  Her research focuses on small narratives and the development of lifelong Christian values.

Dr. Buck is the author of Living Life’s Way blog, which looks at the practical side of godly values in everyday life. As part of her Christian life coaching outreach, Dr. Buck uses art and journaling to coach younger women toward a deeper spiritual life filled with the powerful and intimate presence of God. Her workshops are on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1249147278437931

Dr. Buck focuses on the incredible gift of Christ through her writings, blog podcasts, and online seminars. She explores the high calling of God along with the gifts, fruit, and ministry to which Christian women everywhere are called as new creatures in Christ.

Additionally, her consulting work (180 Advisors) provides training in both theory and best online pedagogical practices for educators. Dr. Buck encourages developing virtual learning communities based on foundational values such as lifelong learning,  communication, and community connection.