Mary Buck received a PhD from Regent University the School of Communication and the Arts.  The primary focus of her research was small narratives and the development of lifelong values.  Her broad research interests center on communication and ethics. She is the author of Living Life blog, which speaks to the issues of values in everyday life.

Mary has published scholarly and practitioner articles which cover topics such as the influence of visual imagery in new media, the role of women through narratives, and the use of new media technology in culture.  In addition, she has been a professor of communication and the arts.  She has over 15 years experience assisting and advising students in attaining their life goals. She has worked with a variety of adult learners within both traditional and nontraditional learning environments.

In addition to her continuing communication research interests, Mary serves as Executive Director for The Children’s storytelling and Family Literacy Corporation, a 501c3 nonprofit established for the public benefit.  In this role, Mary provides a variety of services in the development of values and family literacy. In a recent outreach family literacy program, she assists those recovering from grief and loss incorporating life coaching techniques with storytelling and the arts to prepare the way for personal change. She has held positions in education since 1995 and has recently developed course material focused on personal development and emotional intelligence.

Prior to her position as executive director, Mary served as a professor of communication and program director for a new media program for several colleges in southern California. She focused her efforts on program development, student recruitment and advising, as well as strategic planning activities to advance a visual arts, communication, and new media programs. She also taught at private colleges for several years in the role of communication and media instructor and served on the advisory board for California State University at Fullerton’s digital arts program.