Getting Ready

In my thinking, there is nothing better than crayons and a piece of art paper. The smell of the crayon always brings back the best of memories and the feel of art paper is genuine and satisfying to the touch. Both sit in my art room at eye level and both remind me that they are but simple yet essential tools for turning imagination into concrete creations.

Over 25 years of training transformed me into a visual communication artist. I am trained to evaluate both raw sensory data and human perception. I find that the need to communicate visually covers a wide range of interests, peoples, and venues–art history, design fundamentals and history, philosophy, film critique, photography, human behavior, curatorship, and journalism. My 3 favorites? graphic design, photography, and Christian life.

Basic Art Journal tools: Color, Glue, and Paper

Throughout my transformation, my artist toolbox continued to grow. And for a while, I put aside the tradition pencil, paper, and glue to be captured by the emerging digital world of art and technical artistry. As it happened, in the early ‘90’s, I taught my first Adobe Photoshop 1.0 class as a teaching assistant,. 

Later, advanced studies broadened my visual communication toolbox even further with research, with theories, and perspectives. In this online workshop and seminar, I will share with you the ones that proved in many ways most interesting as well as rewarding.

My workshops and seminars are offered on both an individual and small group basis. On this page, you will find short descriptions along with links for both the free and paid courses that are designed to engage your creative spirit and spark your imagination. Whether you are a hobbyist or emerging Christian professional, I hope that you enjoy the offerings and share the links with others.

ML Buck, PhD / Visual Communication Artist / Christian Life Coach


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